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The controlled propaganda media will not tell the truth about the great and ominous events of the World today.  For those Young People who want to know the truth MP3's are provided for download, news casts are provided for listening and videos for watching.

It is a work in progress, so make it a point to return often to see Reserve's Youth in Action.

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An Open Letter to the Reserve Independent School District School Board

Give us back our Principal and teachers and our school.  You are not a school board for the good of the school, the teachers or the parents.

First and foremost you are not for the good of the students - our children.  Without our children and us, you would not be needed.

School Board: responsible for important decisions - concerning the school, its students and its teachers for the utmost welfare of all concerned.

Give us back our learning.  Student have not been properly instructed for a few weeks now.  Too many petty, hidden agendas and other childish matters are in front of the board to keep them from doing their jobs.  Maybe the board does not think of it that way?  Students are there for their education and we are proud of all of them and the ones who came before them.  Graduates of Reserve High School.

Reserve School Board:

If you can't do the job - resign

If you used your position for power, not in the best interest of our school, students and teachers - resign.

If you  think you can get away with this - think again and resign.

If you have any questions or would like to hear my very loud, unhappy voice, call me - make no mistake, there is no diplomatic bone in my body.

Regina Canfield: Mother of Christopher Canfield 575-533-6359


Economic Collapse & the End of America




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